We’ve compiled a list of commonly asked questions for your convenience. If you are unable to find the answer to your question, please contact us for further assistance. It’s just one more way Hufford Opticians makes it easy to get eyeglasses you’ll love.

  • Can I have my new prescription put into my own frame?

    Yes, if your frame is in good condition and is appropriate for your new lenses. It is not even necessary to leave your frame with us. We need your frame for a few minutes in order to scan the shape and size with our computerized equipment. After taking measurements, we put your old lenses back into your frame for use until your new lenses are ready.

  • What about anti-reflective lenses? Why are they so hard to clean?

    Older versions of these lenses were quite difficult to clean and were often not very durable. Modern, high end anti-reflective lenses incorporate a durable hard coating and are chemically bonded to the lens surface. They are hydrophobic and anti-static, making cleaning easy. Anti-reflective lenses reduce reflections and glare, increase light transmission and improve your appearance by making the lenses almost invisible.

  • I have tried progressive lenses, and they did not work well for me. Some of my friends swear by them. Should I try them again?

    There are many manufacturers and many different styles of progressive lenses. You need to have a skilled, experienced optician determine the lens that is best suited for your individual needs and frame selection. Accurate measurements must be taken to assure your success. Newer lens designs have greatly improved the performance of these lenses. Yes, you should try them again.

  • Do you make glasses for children?

    We carry many durable and flexible frames designed for children as well as many beautiful, stylish frames for teens. We fit these glasses only with highly impact resistant polycarbonate or “Trivex” lenses.

  • I spend a great deal at a computer. What kind of lenses should I get?

    Anti-reflective lenses that also absorb ultraviolet light, sometimes with a soft tint can reduce eye strain associated with computer use. For those who are presbyopic and can no longer focus at closer distances, specially designed progressive or other multifocal lenses are a must. We can help you to select the proper lenses.

  • I only need glasses for reading. Should I get a prescription, or can I get ready made readers?

    The lenses in ready made reading glasses are most likely not centered properly for your eyes. This can cause eye strain, and in some cases, double vision. Since both lenses are of equal strength, differences in your two eyes are not taken into account, leading to unbalanced focusing. The frames in these reading glasses are often not of the highest quality and are not adjusted for optimum performance and comfort. You will achieve optimum reading vision only by seeing an eye doctor for your proper prescription, and then being fitted with properly centered lenses in a high quality, well adjusted frame. Ready made reading glasses can serve a useful purpose as an emergency back up if your prescription reading glasses are broken or lost.

  • Do I need really dark sunglasses? Should they be polarized?

    Sun lenses should absorb eighty to ninety percent of visible light. With this degree of darkness, your eyes should barely be visible through the lenses. These lenses should also absorb all ultraviolet light. Lenses with lighter fashion tints do not provide proper protection in full sunlight. Polarized lenses greatly reduce light reflected from horizontal surfaces and are, therefore, an excellent choice for most activities around water. Polarized lenses sometimes make it difficult to see some LCD displays, and should not be used by those piloting aircraft.

  • Are “Transitions” lenses good for use in sunlight?

    These lenses are almost totally clear indoors. They darken quickly with exposure to direct sunlight and are acceptable for use as sunglasses. They do not, however, darken appreciably behind thee windshield of an automobile.

  • Can I get clip-on sun glasses for my frames?

    Many manufacturers make sun clips for their frames. Some have actual clips that attach to the frame; some have magnetic clips. We carry generic clip-on sunglasses for most frames. Excellent quality, custom made clip-on sunglasses are also available to fit the exact size and shape of almost any frame.

  • Do you carry only designer frames?

    No. We carry many of the most desirable designer lines as well as a number of exclusive plastic frames from “Schnuchel”, “Kala” and “Intrigue”. We also carry high quality frames made by manufacturers such as “Marchon”, “Daniel Swarovski Eyewear Crystal Collection”, “Safilo”, “Charmant”, “Seiko”, “Silhouette Eyewear”, and “Tura”.

  • Do you have rimless frames?

    We have one of the finest selections of rimless eyewear and Silhouette Eyewear in the area. We carry the full line of rimless frames by “Silhouette Eyewear”, including the “Daniel Swarovski Eyewear Crystal Collection” and “First Class” in solid eighteen carat gold. We also feature French made frames by “Minima” and the Swiss made T2 line. These rimless styles from Silhouette Eyewear and other designers offer the ultimate in ultra light weight, comfortable eyewear.